Hockey Stickhandling Aids: The Best Tools to Improve Your Game

If you’ve ever dreamt of stickhandling like your favorite NHL pro or just want to finesse your way around the rink, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’re diving into the wild world of hockey stickhandling aids – the game-changers that can turn your puck-handling game from meh to mesmerizing. We’ve rounded up the absolute best tools that’ll have you deking like Datsyuk in no time. Get ready to pimp your stickhandling skills and leave your opponents wondering if you’ve got some secret sauce hidden in your hockey bag!

What to Look for in a Stickhandling Aid

Before you buy your first stickhandling aid, there are a few things you’ll want to look for when exploring all your options:


Your stickhandling aid is going to take some abuse over time. Especially in the beginning, when you’re first learning how to use it, your stickhandling aid may get swatted around a lot by your stick. To make sure your stickhandling lasts long enough for you to improve with it, durability is key. Whenever you’re looking for a new tool to aid you, make sure it’s known for its durability. Stickhandling aids can also be a little expensive, and durability will ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Ease of Use

Next, you’ll want a stickhandling aid that’s easy to set up and get started with. You don’t want anything overly complicated that takes a while to assemble. Instead, look for something that you can set up in a minute or two; that way, you can spend more time working on your skills. If your tool becomes a chore to set up, you’re less likely to use it over time.


Finally, consider the cost. There is a wide range of stickhandling aids available, covering all kinds of costs. Everyone has their own budget, so you’ll have to decide how much you’re willing to spend. When thinking about the cost, take into account how much use you’ll get out of it. A stickhandling aid that lasts for years and significantly improves your game is likely worth a slightly higher cost.

The 5 Best Hockey Stickhandling Aids

Below are five great hockey stickhandling aids for you to explore:

#1 – Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer

Better Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer

First up, we have the Better Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer. This aide is simple in design but very effective. The tool features slim metal bars on elevated platforms, which you can twist into different shapes. Its lightweight materials and ability to fold up make it perfect for moving around and allow you to train wherever you’d like. You can use the Better Hockey Extreme Stickhandling Trainer on and off the ice to improve your puck control, stick speed, and hand-eye coordination.

#2 – The Snake Trainer

ACE HOCKEY The Snake Trainer

Next up, we have the Snake Trainer from Ace Hockey. The Snake Trainer is very similar to the Extreme Stickhandling Trainer listed above, but it’s a little smaller. While the Extreme Stickhandling Trainer has seven segments, the Snake Trainer uses only five. However, the Snake Trainer is also more affordable. Just as with the Extreme Stickhandling Trainer, you can use the Snake Trainer to improve hand-eye coordination and puck-handling skills both on and off the ice. It’s just a matter of how much you want to spend.

#3 – Hockey Revolution Stickhandling Training Aid

Hockey Revolution Stickhandling Training Aid

Hockey Revolution offers a few stickhandling training aids, depending on your needs and how much you want to spend. The simplest version is their Drill Cones, which you can place around your practice area to work on your puck control. This is the most affordable option and a nice upgrade over using other random equipment to work on your skills.

After that, Hockey Revoltion offers Drill Sticks, which are similar to the Snake Trainer and the Extreme Stickhandling Trainer. However, the Drill Sticks are not connected to one another. This gives you a little more freedom for how you want to set them up but also makes them a little less portable.

Hockey Revolution Stickhandling Training Aid - Me Enemy LIT

Lastly, there’s the My Enemy series of products from Hockey Revolution. With My Enemy, the sections are connected, similar to the Snake Trainer. One of the nice features of My Enemy is the available smartphone app, which can give you drills to run using the aide. Three versions of My Enemy are available, depending on how many segments you want and how much you want to spend.

#4 – HockeyShot Rush Defender

HockeyShot Rush Defender

One of the disadvantages of the products listed above is that they don’t accurately mimic what you’ll face on the ice. You’re never going to need to stickhandle the puck around another puck-sized object. Instead, you’re going to need to stickhandle around the opponent’s stick. This is where the Rush Defender from HockeyShot comes in.

The Rush Defender has a pair of stick blades at the end of a rugged belt, which you can position to create your own obstacle course. This is a great tool whether you’re a forward looking to deke around a defenseman on the rush or a defenseman trying to get around that forechecking forward. The one downside of the Rush Defender is its cost. At $300, it may be above the casual hockey player’s budget.

#5 – Extreme Hockey Pro Stick Weight

Better Hockey Extreme Pro Stick Weight

Lastly, we have the Extreme Pro Stick Weight from Better Hockey. The Extreme Pro Stick Weight is a simple weight that you strap onto the end of your stick. You then practice as normal, only with a slightly heavier stick. As you practice with a heavier stick, your muscles will adjust. Then, when you remove the weight, you can move your stick faster than before.

The Extreme Pro Stick Weight easily attaches to any stick and stays there securely. It also features rubber padding, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your stick. Lastly, you can adjust the weight between four and twelve ounces, allowing you to add more weight as you progress. The Extreme Pro Stick Weight is an affordable way to improve your stick handling and show power. It also pairs well with the stickhandling aids listed above.

Bonus: Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles

Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles - Synthetic Ice Panels for Hockey

To get the most from your hockey stickhandling aids, you’ll want to be able to use them away from the rink. If you don’t have a place to practice your skills at home where you can easily glide a puck, or if you want to protect your floors, you should explore getting some flooring tiles. These Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles from Better Hockey help you mimic the feel of the ice no matter where you are and can help you get the most from your other stickhandling aids.

These synthetic ice tiles are easy to assemble and you can put them in practically any room where you have enough space. For example, you can set them up in your basement, giving you a personal hockey rink that’s available year-round.

Hockey Stickhandling Drills

Once you’ve chosen a hockey stickhandling aide, make the most of it with the stickhandling drills below:

Choose a Stickhandling Aid that Works for You

In the end, the best stickhandling aid is the one that you actually use. Every player has their own needs (and budget), so the aid that’s right for someone else may not be right for you. Consider your personal needs when choosing a stickhandling aid, then add one of these essential tools to your hockey equipment kit to start taking your game to the next level.


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