Hockey Training Aids: 15 Tools for Improved Skills

Hey there, hockey enthusiasts! Ready to take your game to the next level? In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of hockey training aids. Whether you aim to sharpen your shooting accuracy, master stickhandling, or boost your agility on the ice, we’ve got you covered. From classic tools like shooting pads and agility cones to innovative gadgets like stickhandling balls and synthetic ice, we’ll explore 15 must-have training aids that can supercharge your skills and elevate your performance on the rink. Get ready to gear up and unleash your inner hockey superstar!

Hockey training aids
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Stickhandling Aids

Let’s start by looking at some hockey training aids you can use to develop silky smooth mitts and improve your stickhandling ability:

Hockey Revolution Stickhandling Training Aid

Hockey training aids - stickhandling aid from Hockey Revolution

First up, we have a simple stickhandling training aid from Hockey Revolution. The Stickhandling Training Aid from Hockey Revolution features interlocking segments connected by hinges, which you can adjust and arrange into different shapes based on how you want to practice. You then hone your hand-eye coordination, quick thinking, and peripheral vision by moving the puck around the sections. This aid is portable and lightweight, making it easier to train wherever you’d like. It also comes with a Swedish Hockey Ball that’s great for training your dribbling skills.

Digital Stickhandling Trainer

Hockey training aids - stickhandling aid from Potent

Next, we have a similar tool from Potent Hockey. Like the training aid from Hockey Revolution, the Digital Stickhandling Trainer features interlocking segments that you can twist into various shapes. However, this stickhandling aid is a little more advanced. Inside there are sensors that connect to a digital scoreboard. The system tracks how many times you pass the puck under the training aid and records how many you complete in a set amount of time. This allows you to measure your progress over time, race against your best times, and challenge your friends to a competition.

There are also lights on the training aid, which you can set to illuminate in a random order so that your drills are never the same. These advanced features are one of the main reasons that this tool is popular among NHL players. However, it’s also significantly more expensive than the previous aid, so it depends on your personal budget.

Stickhandling Balls

Hockey training aids - stickhandling balls

A great way to improve your stickhandling is with a set of stickhandling balls. In this set of stickhandling balls from Franklin Sports, you get four balls that target different skill improvements. First, there’s the ball that weighs the same as a standard puck, allowing you to get used to the weight while practicing on pavement. Then there’s the ball that weighs twice as much as the puck, which helps you move faster when you transition back to a regular puck.

The next ball is smaller and lighter than a puck, which improves your ability to stickhandle by giving you a smaller target to work with. Finally, there’s a clear ball, which will enhance your hand-eye coordination by making it harder to see the ball. If you can quickly stickhandle a practically invisible ball, you should have a much easier time stickhandling a black puck on white ice. These stickhandling balls are a very affordable option that can greatly improve your training sessions.

Shooting Aids

Next, we have a few shooting aids so that you can turn into the next elite sniper:

Goalie Shooting Target

Hockey training aids - goalie shooting target

First up, we have the Goalie Shooting Target from Franklin Sports. This shooting aid is very simple and affordable, making it a great choice for beginners. Made of durable nylon fabric, the Goalie Shooting Target attaches to your goalposts, covering the most commonly guarded areas of the goal. This leaves the upper corners, five-hole, and underneath the glove and blocker open. You can then fire pucks at the net, trying to squeeze the puck into these tight areas. It’s a simple way to practice the shots you’ll most likely want to take during a game.

Magnetic Shooting Targets

Hockey training aids - magnetic shooting target

For a more customized approach to shooting practice, grab some magnetic shooting targets. These targets easily attach to metal goalposts, so you can place them anywhere along the edges based on where you want to shoot. You also don’t have to worry about practicing your slap shots and one-timers, as these magnetic targets are made of a highly durable material. Easy to set up and very portable, these practice targets are a great tool for personalized shooting practice.

Automatic Hockey Ball Passer Machine

Automatic ball passer

Lastly, if you want to work on your one-timers, look into getting an automated passing machine. This machine from Frankin Hockey works with a hockey ball, giving you the perfect pass to set up your one-timer. You can load up to 4 balls at a time into the feeder, then watch the built-in LED light that lets you know when it’s about to fire. With this machine, you can practice your street hockey one-timers or get used to the one-timer motion for ice hockey.

Passing Aids

Being able to saucer in the perfect passes requires a lot of repetition, which the following hockey training aids can help you develop during your off-ice hours:

Extreme Passer

Hockey training aid - extreme passer from better hockey

The Extreme Passer from Better Hockey essentially allows you to play catch with yourself. After clipping the passing aid onto your synthetic tiles, you pass pucks into the training aid and they rebound back to you. At 30″ in width, the Extreme Passer gives you a large enough target to practice your passes, while still remaining small enough for easy transportation. The Extreme Passer helps you improve your passing accuracy and your ability to receive pucks at speed. You can also use the Extreme Passer to help you with one-timers, if you have enough space.

My Passer

My Passer hockey aid

Similar to the Extreme Passer is the My Passer from Hockey Revolution. The key differences between the two options are that the My Passer is a little smaller in size, and it doesn’t clamp onto your synthetic tiles. Instead, it uses either velcro stickers or mounting screws to remain in place. This makes the My Passer a little less portable, but on the other hand, it’s significantly more affordable. If you’re looking for a simple passing aid and you don’t plan on moving it around a lot, you may prefer the cheaper My Passer option compared to the Extreme Passer.

Mr. Assist

Hockey training aid - Mr. Assist

The last training aid is called Mr. Assist. Mr. Assist uses a long cord attached to a puck on one end and a velcro strap, which goes around your stick, on the other. When you pass the puck, it reaches the end of the cord and then rebounds back to your stick. With this simple aid, you can practice not only giving accurate passes but also receiving them. It makes training on your own easier as you don’t have to chase down pucks after passing them. Mr. Assist is designed for off-ice practices, working on pavement, synthetic tiles, or cement. It’s also highly portable, so you can move it to wherever you want to practice. Using Mr. Assist every day is a great way to improve your passing skills on your own.

Strength and Conditioning Aids

Getting your skills to another level typically requires building some new muscles and getting into better physical shape. Try out the hockey training aids below to get more fit and develop the foundation needed for all highly skilled players.

Hockey Stick Weight

Hockey stick weight

One way to improve your shot power is by working with a heavier stick. But rather than getting yourself a new stick, you can easily add a weight to your current one. The hockey stick weight from Snipers Edge Hockey adds 6.7 oz to your stick, helping you develop muscles as you practice. Simply attach the weight with the velcro straps, then practice as normal. Then, when you remove the weight, your stick will feel lighter and you’ll be able to get more power behind your shots and passes.

X-UMEUS Training Equipment Set

Hockey Training Equipment Set

If you’re looking for a bundle of equipment to help improve your overall fitness level, the training equipment set from X-UMEUS is a great option. Included with this set are:

  • 20-ft agility training ladder
  • 12 cones
  • 4 hurdles
  • A jump rope
  • A running parachute

With this set, you can easily create a puck-handling course for yourself, build up your leg strength and cardio, and improve your agility. This set is designed to help with sports like basketball and soccer, but you can easily use the equipment to help your hockey game. It’s especially useful for offseason training when you’re looking to improve your fitness for next season.

Bonus Hockey Training Aids

Below are a few more hockey training aids that can assist you at home:

Stick Protector

When you’re training off-ice, you need to be careful with your stick. A good stick protector will guard your stick when you’re practicing on the street so that it doesn’t get chewed up.

Floor Tiles

To mimic the feeling of ice when you’re at home, set up some synthetic ice tiles. You can create your own mini hockey rinks, allowing you to practice stick handling, passing, and shooting as if you were on the ice. These tiles will also protect your floors from scuff marks and other damage.

Champkey Hand-Eye Coordination Trainer

Hand-eye coordination trainer

A fun way to improve your hand-eye coordination is with this aid from Champkey. You just toss this light-weight toy in the air and try to catch it again. There’s also multiple colors on the aid so you can try to catch it based on a certain color, increasing the difficulty.

Reaction Light Training

Finally, a great tool for goalies is the Reaction Light Training aid from QINTH. The Reaction Light Training aid comes with four large buttons, each in different colors. You select a training mode and then tap the buttons as they illuminate. This can quickly improve your hand-eye coordination, mimicking moving your hands to different locations as fast as you can. The video above shows how a similar product can be used for speed and agility training.

Improve Your Game with the Right Hockey Training Aids

By incorporating these hockey training aids into your practice routine, you can enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and ultimately elevate your performance on the ice. Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop fundamental skills or a seasoned player striving for excellence, there’s a training aid out there to suit your needs. Remember, consistent practice and dedication are key to improvement, so don’t hesitate to explore the wide range of options available and find what works best for you. Lace up, train hard, and unleash your full potential on the rink!